GQBox: geospatial data quality assessment


In order to measure and assess the quality of GIS, there exist a sparse offer of tools, providing specific functions with their own interest but are not sufficient to deal with broader user's requirements. Interoperability of these tools remains a technical challenge because of the heterogeneity of their models and access patterns. On the other side, quality analysts require more and more integration facilities that allow them to consolidate and aggregate multiple quality measures acquired from different observations or data sources, in using/combining seamlessly different quality tools. Clearly, there is a gap between users's requirements and the spatial data quality market. This demo paper will illustrate GQBox, a geographic quality (tool)box. GQBox supplies a standards-based generic meta model that supports the definition of quality goals and metrics, and it provides a service-based infrastructure that allows interoperability among several quality tools.

DOI: 10.1145/1869790.1869884

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