GPU-based shear-shear correlation calculation

  title={GPU-based shear-shear correlation calculation},
  author={Miguel C{\'a}rdenas Montes and Miguel A. Vega-Rodr{\'i}guez and Christopher Bonnett and Ignacio Sevilla-Noarbe and Rafael Ponce and Eusebio S{\'a}nchez {\'A}lvaro and Juan Jos{\'e} Rodr{\'i}guez-V{\'a}zquez},
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Light rays are deflected when travelling through a gravitational potential: this phenomenon is known as gravitational lensing. It causes the observed shapes of distant galaxies to be very slightly distorted by the intervening matter in the Universe, as their light travels towards us. This distortion is called cosmic shear. By measuring this component it is… CONTINUE READING