GPU-accelerated Rendering for Medical Augmented Reality in Minimally-invasive Procedures

  title={GPU-accelerated Rendering for Medical Augmented Reality in Minimally-invasive Procedures},
  author={Matthias Wieczorek and Andr{\'e} Aichert and Oliver Kutter and Christoph Bichlmeier and J{\"u}rgen Landes and Sandro Michael Heining and Ekkehard Euler and Nassir Navab},
  booktitle={Bildverarbeitung f{\"u}r die Medizin},
Recent advances in GPU programmability and performance have enabled development of real-time high quality volume visualization algorithms. Medical augmented reality systems can benefit from these developments. Task-specific visualization aids physicians in better understanding the patient’s anatomy and supports navigation of medical instruments in absence of a direct line of sight in minimally-invasive procedures. In this paper we present our results of integration of a hardware accelerated… CONTINUE READING
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