GPSTracking Experimentof a Free-Flyer Deployedfrom SpaceShuttle

  title={GPSTracking Experimentof a Free-Flyer Deployedfrom SpaceShuttle},
  author={Bob Schutz}
Shuttle mission STS-69 was launched on September 7, 1995, 10:09 CDT, carrying the Wake Shield Facility (WSF-02). The WSF-02 spacecraft included a set of payloads provided by the Texas Space Grant Consortium, known as TexasSat. One of the TexasSat payloads was a GPS TarboRogue receiver loaned by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. On September 11, the WSF-02 was unbettbed from the Endeavour payload bay using the remote rnnnlpulator system The GPS receiver was powered on prior to… CONTINUE READING

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