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GPS based soldier tracking and health indication system with environmental analysis

  title={GPS based soldier tracking and health indication system with environmental analysis},
  author={Dr. Sameena Banu},
In today’s world the security of the nation is depends up on the enemies’ warfare and so the safety of the soldiers is considered as vital role in it. Concerning the soldiers safety there are many instruments to view their health status as well as ammunitions on the soldiers. In soldiers security, bio-sensors systems gives different types of small physiological sensors, Barometric sensor and Oxygen analyzer sensor , transmission modules and processing capabilities, and can thus facilitate low… 

GPS Based Soldier Tracking and Health Indication System

GSM module can be used for effective range of high-speed transmission, and soldier-to-soldier wireless communications that will be required to relay information on situational awareness, tactical instructions, and covert surveillance related data during special operations reconnaissance and other missions.

GPS Based Soldier Tracking and Health Indication System

By using bio-sensors systems and RF module, the basic lifeguarding system for soldier in low cost and high reliability is put into use.

Soldier Health and Position Tracking System using GPS and GSM Modem.

The basic guarding system for the soldier is implemented in low cost, light weighted, portable and precise device, which will monitor the health status of the soldier whenever required.

Internet of Things Based Soldier Position Tracking and Health Monitoring System

Army base station needs the device of Global Position System for locating soldiers, wireless base station to sense health related parameters of soldiers and a wireless transceiver to transmit and receive communication signals wirelessly.

Soldier Position Tracking and Health Monitoring System: A Review

The proposed system can be mounted on the soldier’s body to track their health status and current location using Global Positioning System and is possible to implement a low cost mechanism to protect the valuable human life on the battlefield.

Real Time Tracking and Health Monitoring of Soldiers using ZigBee Technology: a Survey

This system enables to army base station to track the location and monitor health of soldiers using GPS module and wireless body area sensor networks (WBASNs), such as temperature sensor, heart beat sensor, etc., transmitted wirelessly using ZigBee module.

Solider Health Monitoring and Location Tracking System

The project had attempted to implement the basic safety monitoring system for the soldier in low price, wild weighted, transportable and specific devices, so authorities can provide essential aids.


The Soldier Health and Position Tracking System grants the military to follow the current day GPS job of a warrior and furthermore evaluations the wellness fame including outline temperature and heartbeat of the trooper.

IoT based Soldier Health and Position Tracking System

The proposed device, which uses GPS for monitoring the health of soldiers and their current position, can be placed on the soldier’s body and sent to the control room based on the live track program.




The investigation provides a detailed description of system components, comparisons of measured vs. reported soldier position data, an evaluation of performance feedback mechanisms and the results of extensive directed discussions following the participant's use of the system in a controlled environment.

A Survey on Wearable Sensor-Based Systems for Health Monitoring and Prognosis

A variety of system implementations are compared in an approach to identify the technological shortcomings of the current state-of-the-art in wearable biosensor solutions and evaluate the maturity level of the top current achievements in wearable health-monitoring systems.

A Soldier Health Monitoring System for Military Applications

An on-going effort to develop a system consisting of interconnected BSNs for real-time health monitoring of soldiers and presents a blast source localization application.

Millimeter-wave soldier-to-soldier communications for covert battlefield operations

Some of the work commissioned by the U.K. Ministry of Defence to assess the feasibility of using 60 GHz millimeter-wave smart antenna technology to provide covert communications capable of meeting these stringent networking needs is presented.

A Fixed-Lag Particle Filter for the Joint Detection/Compensation of Interference Effects in GPS Navigation

An original particle filter is developed to improve the detection performance while ensuring a good accuracy of the positioning solution and to model interference effects as variance jumps affecting the GPS measurements which can be directly detected and compensated at the level of the navigation algorithm.

Modeling of Multipath Environment Using Copulas for Particle Filtering Based GPS Navigation

This letter suggests taking into account the spatial dependencies between GPS measurements when modeling multipath occurrence/disappearance, and uses a probabilistic tool, namely copulas, to estimate the mobile location and perform the multipath detection/estimation.

The Evolution of Army Wearable Computers

In 1989, the US Army envisioned a small wearable computer to assist soldiers with battlefield tasks. The concept has since grown from preliminary prototypes and a demonstration Soldier's Computer

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