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GPS Signal Acquisition and Tracking An Approach towards Development of Software-based GPS Receiver

  title={GPS Signal Acquisition and Tracking An Approach towards Development of Software-based GPS Receiver},
  author={Dinesh Raj Manandhar and Yong Tat Sum and Ryosuke Shibasaki},
Software-based GPS (SGR) Receiver helps us processing the GPS signal at the lowest level of GPS raw signal data from the antenna. A software-based GPS receiver consists of a front-end device that converts the radio frequency signal from the antenna to an intermediate frequency in digital format. The signal thus converted is processed by high level programming language to compute position and velocity. In SGR, it is possible to do acquisition and tracking using different parameters and threshold… Expand
Simulation and Analysis Acquisition of GPS C/A Code Signals in GPS System
  • Wei Zhang, Ke Zhang, B. Wu, Heejong Suh
  • Computer Science
  • 2009 International Symposium on Computer Network and Multimedia Technology
  • 2009
The simulation result further confirmed this method's accuracy and the feasibility, this to further studies under the true environment in the simulation platform the GPS signal, the improvement satellite receiving unit performance has the very vital practical significance. Expand
Analysis and Simulation of Signal Acquisition of GPS Software Receiver
In this paper, for a software-based Global Positioning System receiver (SGR), the principle capturing Global Positioning System (GPS) signal is researched extensively in order to analyze theExpand
Implementation Of Code And Carrier Tracking Loops For Software GPS Receivers
This paper analyses and finds the optimum discriminator function for the code tracking loop in soft-GPS receivers and presents non-coherent square law DLLs and the impacts of some parameters on DLL discriminators such as number of samples per chip, early-late spacing, different C/ No values, and the impact of with or without frontend device. Expand
Faster methods for GPS signal acquisition in frequency domain
  • V. Patel, P. Shukla
  • Computer Science
  • 2011 International Conference on Emerging Trends in Networks and Computer Communications (ETNCC)
  • 2011
Simulation results show that the proposed methods for software GPS receiver are able to perform faster and reliable acquisition, and further reduction in acquisition time has been achieved by investigating the effect of length of the non coherent pre-integration period. Expand
Design a L1 Software GPS Receiver Based on IF GPS Signal Simulator
The purpose of this paper is to develop the algorithms of baseband signal processing, including signal acquisition and tracking based on the IF GPS signal simulator. Expand
Design of a General Single Frequency GPS Receiver Research Platform for High Dynamic and Weak Signal
An errors tracking scheme based on modified Unscented Kalman Filtering (UKF) is designed and implemented and the 30dB/Hz weak signal test result validated the tracking scheme. Expand
Implementation and Analysis of Signal Tracking Loops for Software Defined GPS Receiver
Implementation and analysis of signal tracking loop is mainly described and there are two main tracking loop as carrier and code tracking loop on GPS L1 signal. Expand
Acquisition and tracking schemes for a GPS L5 receiver
This paper develops signal acquisition, tracking and data decoding algorithm about GPS L5 frequency band, and investigates cold start acquisition schemes by using a FFT algorithm for a GPS L 5 software receiver. Expand
All-Digital GPS Signal Simulating and Processing Techniques for High Dynamic Movement
This paper demonstrates an immediate frequency (IF) GPS signal simulator design scheme and some signal synchronize techniques on high dynamic environment. It is based on a mathematical signal modelExpand
Fast Acquisition of GPS Signal Using Radix-2 and Radix-4 FFT Algorithms
This paper presents fast acquisition of Doppler shift and code phase from GPS Intermediate Frequency (IF) signal using radix4 and radix2 FFT algorithms and performance of these acquisition algorithms is compared with time domain correlation and also with signal acquisition on decimated with zero padded data. Expand


The Global Positioning System: Signals, measurements, and performance
  • P. Enge
  • Computer Science
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This advanced tutorial will describe the GPS signals, the various measurements made by the GPS receivers, and estimate the achievable accuracies, and focus on topics which are more unique to radio navigation or GPS. Expand
Fundamentals of global positioning system receivers
The author, one of the foremost authorities in the GPS field, presents the material from a software receiver viewpoint, an approach that helps readers better understand operation and that reflects the forecasted integration of GPS receivers into such everyday devices as cellular telephones. Expand
A software radio approach to global navigation satellite system receiver design
  • D. Akos
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The work describes the multiple benefits available through a GNSS software radio implementation, but it also establishes the feasibility of such through actual hardware design and experimental results. Expand
Understanding GPS: Principles and Applications, Norwood, MA
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