GOSPEL: A Neuroprotective Protein that Binds to GAPDH upon S-Nitrosylation

  title={GOSPEL: A Neuroprotective Protein that Binds to GAPDH upon S-Nitrosylation},
  author={Nilkantha Sen and Makoto Hara and Abdullah Shafique Ahmad and Matthew B. Cascio and Atsushi Kamiya and Jeffrey T. Ehmsen and Nishant Aggrawal and Lynda Hester and Sylvain Dor{\'e} and Solomon H Snyder and Akira Sawa},
We recently reported a cell death cascade whereby cellular stressors activate nitric oxide formation leading to S-nitrosylation of GAPDH that binds to Siah and translocates to the nucleus. The nuclear GAPDH/Siah complex augments p300/CBP-associated acetylation of nuclear proteins, including p53, which mediate cell death. We report a 52 kDa cytosolic protein, GOSPEL, which physiologically binds GAPDH, in competition with Siah, retaining GAPDH in the cytosol and preventing its nuclear… CONTINUE READING
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