GOLDEN CALF NARRATIVE: Deuteronomist Ideology of Jeroboam Reformation

  title={GOLDEN CALF NARRATIVE: Deuteronomist Ideology of Jeroboam Reformation},
  author={Marthin Steven Lumingkewas and Antonius Missa and Andreas Bayu Krisdiantoro},
  journal={MAHABBAH: Journal of Religion and Education},
Jeroboam 1st is depicted as the prototype for all future evil kings, who are regularly accused According to the books of Kings. Jeroboam accused of established two sanctuaries; Bethel and Dan to rival the temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. These shrines then provoke vehement censure and sin of Jeroboam become paradigmatic of northern apostasy. Underlying the negative depiction of Jeroboam’s cult, however, scholars have found subtle details suggesting that Jeroboam’s cult was traditional and even… 
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