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GOALS-JWST: Tracing AGN Feedback on the Star-Forming ISM in NGC 7469

  title={GOALS-JWST: Tracing AGN Feedback on the Star-Forming ISM in NGC 7469},
  author={Thomas S.-Y. Lai and Lee Armus and U Vivian and Tanio D{\'i}az-Santos and Kirsten L. Larson and Aaron S. Evans and Matthew A. Malkan and Phil Appleton and Jeffrey A. Rich and Francisco Muller-Sanchez and Hanae Inami and Thomas B{\o}hn and Jed McKinney and Luke Finnerty and David R. Law and Sean T. Linden and Anne M. Medling and George C. Privon and Yiqing Song and Sabrina Stierwalt and Paul van der Werf and Loreto Barcos-Mu{\~n}oz and J.-D. T. Smith and Aditya Togi and Susanne Aalto and Torsten Boker and Vassilis Charmandaris and Justin Howell and Kazushi Iwasawa and Francisca Kemper and Joseph M. Mazzarella and Eric J. Murphy and Michael J. I. Brown and Christopher C. Hayward and J. A. Marshall and David Sanders and Jason A. Surace},
We present James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) Mid-InfraRed Instrument (MIRI) integral-field spectroscopy of the nearby merging, luminous infrared galaxy, NGC 7469. This galaxy hosts a Seyfert type-1.5 nucleus, a highly ionized outflow, and a bright, circumnuclear star-forming ring, making it an ideal target to study AGN feedback in the local Universe. We take advantage of the high spatial/spectral resolution of JWST /MIRI to isolate the star-forming regions surrounding the central active nucleus… 

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