GOALS-JWST: Resolving the Circumnuclear Gas Dynamics in NGC 7469 in the Mid-infrared

  title={GOALS-JWST: Resolving the Circumnuclear Gas Dynamics in NGC 7469 in the Mid-infrared},
  author={Vivian U and Thomas S.-Y. Lai and Marina Bianchin and Raymond P. Remigio and Lee Armus and Kirsten L. Larson and Tanio D{\'i}az-Santos and Aaron S. Evans and Sabrina Stierwalt and David R. Law and Matthew A. Malkan and Sean T. Linden and Yiqing Song and Paul P. van der Werf and Tianmu Gao and George C. Privon and Anne M. Medling and Loreto Barcos-Mu{\~n}oz and Christopher C. Hayward and Hanae Inami and Jeffrey A. Rich and Susanne Aalto and Phil Appleton and Thomas B{\o}hn and Torsten B{\"o}ker and Michael J. I. Brown and Vassilis Charmandaris and Luke Finnerty and Justin Howell and Kazushi Iwasawa and Francisca Kemper and J. A. Marshall and Joseph M. Mazzarella and Jed McKinney and Francisco Muller-Sanchez and Eric J. Murphy and David Sanders and Jason A. Surace},
  journal={The Astrophysical Journal Letters},
  • V. UT. Lai J. Surace
  • Published 2 September 2022
  • Physics
  • The Astrophysical Journal Letters
The nearby, luminous infrared galaxy NGC 7469 hosts a Seyfert nucleus with a circumnuclear star-forming ring and is thus the ideal local laboratory for investigating the starburst–AGN (active galactic nucleus) connection in detail. We present integral-field observations of the central 1.3 kpc region in NGC 7469 obtained with the JWST Mid-InfraRed Instrument. Molecular and ionized gas distributions and kinematics at a resolution of ∼100 pc over the 4.9–7.6 μm region are examined to study the gas… 



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