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GML: A portable Graph File Format

  title={GML: A portable Graph File Format},
  author={Michael Himsolt},
GML, the G>raph Modelling Language, is our proposal for a portable file format for graphs. GML's key features are portability, simple syntax, extensibility and flexibility. A GML file consists of a hierarchical key-value lists. Graphs can be annotated with arbitrary data structures. The idea for a common file format was born at the GD'95; this proposal is the outcome of many discussions. GML is the standard file format in the Graphlet graph editor system. It has been overtaken and adapted by… 

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Graph file format for ETL

The aim of this document is to make a comparative study between four XML graph file formats by implementing in each format, a scenario of an ETL process converting a Gregorian date to Hijri date, in order to show that graph file format could be used as abstraction languages for representing ETL processes.

Unravelling Graph-Exchange File Formats

This paper seeks to review file formats and provide some insight to both reduce the ongoing creation of unnecessary formats, and guide the development of new formats where needed.

Serialization for Property Graphs

YARS-PG was designed to be simple, extensible and platform independent, and to support all the features provided by the current database systems based on the property graph data model.

MetaCG: annotated call-graphs to facilitate whole-program analysis

A performance profiler and a memory sanitizer that rely on MetaCG for whole-program call-graph information are presented.

A Software Package for Chemically Inspired Graph Transformation

A general software package for this type of graph rewriting system, which can be used for modelling chemical systems, and has extensive procedures for automatically visualising not only graphs and rewrite rules, but also Double Pushout diagrams and graph languages in form of directed hypergraphs.

JGraphT—A Java Library for Graph Data Structures and Algorithms

The design and underlying structure of JGraphT, a programming library that contains very efficient and generic graph data structures along with a large collection of state-of-the-art algorithms, is described and discussed.

webGraphEd , an open source Graph Drawing

webGraphEd is an open source software for graph visualization and manipulation. It is especially designed to work for the web platform through a web browser. The web application has been written in

Graph Layout Support for Model-Driven Engineering

A new meta model allowing to specify the structure of a graph as well as its abstract layout and its concrete layout is discussed, i.e. positioning data computed by the layout algorithm forms a basis for efficient management of layout configurations.

A DSL for defining instance templates for the ASMIGsystem

This work provided a way for the user to interact with ASMIG internal data structure, the instance template graph via a specially designed graph definition domain-specific language, which can be then used as test data.

The Graph Grammar Library - a generic framework for chemical graph rewrite systems

The presented Graph Grammar Library (GGL) implements a generic Double Push Out approach for general graph rewrite systems, focusing on a high level of modularity as well as high performance, using state-of-the-art algorithms and data structures, and comes with extensive documentation.



Applications of Graph Visualization

Graph editor dotty can be programmed to act as a front-end for other applications, and some interesting examples are ciao, a program source code database browser, vdbx, a visual extension to dbx for displaying data structures as graphs, and vpm, an interactive distributed process monitor.

GraphEd: a Graphical Platform for the Implementation of Graph Algorithms

GraphEd is an extensible graph editor that supports all operations that are necessary for the convenient construction and manipulation of graphs.

Software: Graph Layout Toolkit Reference Manual, Berkeley, CA (1992-1996)

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