GMDD: a database of GMO detection methods

  title={GMDD: a database of GMO detection methods},
  author={Wei Dong and Litao Yang and Kailin Shen and Banghyun Kim and Gijs A. Kleter and Hans J. P. Marvin and Rong Guo and Wanqi Liang and Dabing Zhang},
  journal={BMC Bioinformatics},
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Since more than one hundred events of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have been developed and approved for commercialization in global area, the GMO analysis methods are essential for the enforcement of GMO labelling regulations. Protein and nucleic acid-based detection techniques have been developed and utilized for GMOs identification and quantification. However, the information for harmonization and standardization of GMO analysis methods at global level is needed. GMO Detection method… CONTINUE READING