GL vs. BT

  title={GL vs. BT},
  author={Jillian T. Weiss},
  journal={Journal of Bisexuality},
  pages={25 - 55}
  • Jillian T. Weiss
  • Published 12 April 2003
  • Sociology, Psychology
  • Journal of Bisexuality
Abstract Heterosexism against bisexuals and transgenders exists not only in the straight community, but in the gay and lesbian community as well. Are “biphobia” and “transphobia” examples of “phobias”—irrational fears? No, such heterosexist attitudes are all too rational, mirroring social tensions, which only appear to be an ahistorical psychological phenomenon. Rather, as the GLBT community developed, power relations arose which resulted in the four different groups (G/L/B/T), assigning them… 

4 Manifestations 4 . 1 Harassment and violence

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Transphobia is a range of antagonistic attitudes and feelings against transgender or transsexual people or transsexuality. Transphobia can be emotional disgust, fear, anger or discomfort felt or

Between a Gay and a Straight Place: Bisexual Individuals’ Experiences with Monosexism

Bisexual people experience monosexism, the privileging of sexual attraction to one sex or gender, from heterosexual, gay, and lesbian communities. The current study of 745 bisexual-identified

The Lesbian Community and FTMs

Converging trends in identity among the younger generation in their teens and twenties suggest this, such as changing meanings of ‘lesbian’ and ‘FTM,’ the blending of sexuality and gender, and understanding these as personal, rather than identity, differences.

A comprehensive approach to sexual and transgender prejudice

ABSTRACT Prejudice and discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) individuals continues to have a detrimental impact on the mental health of this population.

Positive Aspects of Being Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual in Spain: an Exploratory Study

This research aimed to contribute to the task of understanding lesbian, gay and bisexual people’s lives in Spain using a positive psychology base. As an exploratory study, the present study sought to

Here and Queer (?): Monosexism and the Bisexual Body

It is argued that bisexuality fails to be visually recognised due to the assumption that everyone is either heterosexual, lesbian, or gay, and this contributes to a bisexual invisibility in society, thus shrouding bisexual experiences in silence.

Trans Prejudice and Its Potential Links to IPV Among Trans People

During the last 20 years, trans and gender non-conforming (TGNC) individuals have become more visible in social activism, politics, and popular media. Concomitant with this visibility has been

Rape Myth Acceptance Among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Mostly Heterosexual College Students

Examination of gender, sexual identity, personal experiences with rape, feminist identity, patriarchal gender norms, attitudes toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, and the interactions among these relate to LGB college students’ RMA shows that being a woman, being LGB, identifying as a feminist, and knowing/being a survivor are all negatively related to RMA.

4 Plurisexual Identity Labels and the Marking of Bisexual Desire

The present chapter considers the research literature that frames our understanding of bisexuality. By reviewing current models for conceptualizing sexuality we gain a better understanding of the

Intragroup Attitudes of the LGBT Community: Assessment and Correlates.

The intragroup attitudes of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community are examined. A general overview of heterosexuals‟ views about LGBT persons is considered before reviewing past



Overcoming heterosexism and homophobia : strategies that work

This text provides ideas and strategies for affirming diversity and overcoming heterosexism and homophobia in a wide variety of settings, such as education, politics, the media and the helping

Prostitution and the Question of Sexual Identity in Medieval Europe

What has by now become the master narrative of the history of sexuality holds that not only homosexuality but the whole concept of sexuality is a creation of nineteenth-century bourgeois society.

The Construction of Homosexuality

"At various times, homosexuality has been considered the noblest of loves, a horrible sin, a psychological condition or grounds for torture and execution. David F. Greenberg's careful, encyclopedic

Bisexuality in the ancient world

Part 1 Greece: the beginnings, the Greek Dark Age and the Archaic period the Classical age homosexuality and heterosexuality compared in philosophy and literature women and homosexuality. Part 2

Bisexual Spaces: A Geography of Sexuality and Gender

List of Illustrations. Acknowledgements. Introduction. 1. Bisexual Landscapes 2. Desire By Any Other Name 3. Representing the Middle Ground 4. A Place to Call Home

Bisexual Politics: Theories, Queries, and Visions

* Preface * Introduction (Naomi Tucker) * Section I--REFLECTIONS: A Look in the Mirror * Overview (Susanna Trnka with Naomi Tucker) * Part A: A Taste of History * Ide(A monograph published

Starting With Foucault: An Introduction To Genealogy

* Preface to the Second Edition * 1. Foucault: Challenge and Misperceptions * Necessary Scene-Setting * Making a Start * Notes * 2. The Domains of Analysis * The Three Domains * Archaeology * Notes *

반도체 공정 overview

The study of distributed systems which bring to life the vision of ubiquitous computing systems, also known as ambient intelligence, is concentrated on in this work.

Let’s Talk Facts About Phobias

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