GIS-based family tree information sharing and service


To address the issues of family tree information sharing, mining and spatial-temporal analyzing, this paper introduces database, network and GIS technologies into the research of family tree. It studies the mode of family tree standardization, digitization, spatialization and networking, and discusses the theory foundation, implementing techniques, cooperation platform of family tree information sharing based on GIS. Firstly, according to the elements and characteristics of Chinese family tree by learning bibliographic and content of genealogy, this paper develops a description specification of Chinese family tree information. Then, based on consistently spatial-temporal framework, a family tree spatial-temporal data model cored with person and event is designed, and the system of family tree geographic information service is established. Finally, it proposes to construct a website group of the Family Tree GIS integrating surname website, clan website and personal blog, in order to gradually build a community-based, open, multi-level platform for family tree information sharing and serving which serves for both general public and experts. Keywordsfamily tree; GIS; consistently spatial-temporal framework; spatial-temporal data model; sharing and service

DOI: 10.1109/GEOINFORMATICS.2010.5567569

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