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GIS assessment of climate change impacts on tomato crop in Egypt

  title={GIS assessment of climate change impacts on tomato crop in Egypt},
  author={Samir Masoud Abou-Shleel and El-Shirbeny},
This study was carried out to assess the impact of climate change on tomato fruit setting (Solanum lycopersicum L) in Egypt and find out the best suitable sites and sawing dates for cultivation the tomato crop in the future and also to adapt with futuristic climate change conditions by using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) techniques. Monthly data for air temperature (T ) were used from 35 ground air meteorological stations inside and around Egypt. MAGICC/SCENGEN software was used to… 
Analyzing the Impact of Spatio-Temporal Climate Variations on the Rice Crop Calendar in Pakistan
The present study investigates the space-time impact of climate change on the rice crop calendar in tropical Gujranwala, Pakistan. The climate change impact was quantified through the climatic
Heat stress regimes for the investigation of pollen thermotolerance in crop plants
In this review, experimental approaches that have been used in various crops, with special focus on tomato, rice and wheat, as the best studied crops regarding pollen thermotolerance are summarized and discussed to provide guidelines for similar research in other crops.
The results indicated that CAR and AG are the most tolerant cultivars for low temperature induced by shock heating pretreatment, and the high expression of APX and P5cs refer to more tolerance for cold stress and high productivity.
Perception paysanne des impacts de la variabilité climatique autour de la station de l'INERA/Kipopo dans la province du Katanga en République Démocratique Congo
Une enquete a ete effectuee aupres des paysans de la station de recherche de l’INERA/Kipopo et de ses environs, dans le territoire de Kipushi, province du Katanga, en Republique democratique du
Economic appraisal of transformative climate change on potential variations in wellbeing of wheat growers across various ecological zones
Results revealed that temperature and rainfall have nonlinear relationships with Net revenue acre−1 of wheat growers, and Government and other environmental agencies need to pay close attention to tree plantation in zones II and VII in particular and throughout Balochistan province in general.


GIS and crop simulation modelling applications in climate change research.
The challenges that climate change presents to humanity require an unprecedented ability to predict the responses of crops to environment and management. Geographic information systems (GIS) and crop
Development and dry matter distribution in glasshouse tomato : a quantitative approach
An explanatory dynamic growth model was developed that simulates assimilate demand and dry matter distribution in an indeterminate tomato crop and it was found that in spring and early summer the optimum plant density is determined by the required number of fruits whereas in summer a combination of high plant density and fruit thinning seems required for sufficient leaf area.
Effect of Temperature on the Growth and Development of Tomato Fruits
Tomato fruits ripened 95, 65, 46 and 42 d after flower opening when plants were grown under controlled environmental conditions at 14, 18, 22 and 26 °C, respectively, and were more sensitive to elevated temperature in their later stages of maturation.
A Kriging-based approach for locating a sampling site—in the assessment of air quality
Air quality assessment studies have either high sampling or analyses costs. In these studies the representation of a city by a single sampling point is still a serious problem, especially in the
Simple and Ordinary Multigaussian Kriging for Estimating Recoverable Reserves
An application of the concepts to a porphyry copper deposit shows that the proposed “ordinary multigaussian kriging” approach leads to more realistic estimates of the recoverable reserves than the conventional methods, in particular in the nonmineralized undersampled areas.
Spatial statistics for remote sensing
Preface. Contributors and editors. Introduction. I. 1. Description of the data B. Gorte. 2. Some basic elements of statistics A. Stein. 3. Physical principles of optical R.S. F. van der Meer. 4.
The Scientific Basis
With very few exceptions the numerous polymorphs of SiO2 all consist of SiO4 tetrahedra linked through their corners, thus forming three-dimensional framework structures. The topology of the
Sensitivity of tomato crop to air temperature under climatic changes conditions
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An expert system for appraisal by the Incorporating Grade Uncertainty , Mathematical method of comparison
  • PhD Thesis , UPC , Barcelona . Geology
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Soil temperature conditions for vegetable seed germination
  • 2006