GI flexible endoscope disinfection: "in use" test comparative study.

  title={GI flexible endoscope disinfection: "in use" test comparative study.},
  author={Josep Mar{\'i}a Bordas and M Angeles Marcos-Maeso and Mar{\'i}a Jes{\'u}s Verd{\'u} P{\'e}rez and Josep Llach and {\'A}ngels Gin{\'e}s and Josep Mar{\'i}a Piqu{\'e}},
  volume={52 63},
BACKGROUND/AIMS There is some confusion as to the effectiveness of the available disinfectants for achieving "high level" disinfection, and the microbiologic method to assess the efficacy of the selected disinfectant regime. The "in use" method is adequate for control and for establishing comparisons between different disinfectants. METHODOLOGY This study compares the efficacy of the different disinfectants and disinfection regimes available, including automatic systems to the 20-minute… CONTINUE READING