GFUC: Gurmukhi Font and Unicode Converter


Growth of information technology has played a great role in connecting the world together. The to and fro of information is common in this world. Fonts play a key major role in this communication process in digital domain. Common encoding scheme for one language helps in loss-less digital communication. Indian fonts lacks in this zone, as no Indian font has standard encoding format for mapping characters. Numerous indic fonts were created with diverse mapping schemes. Gurmukhi as one of the prominent Indian script also suffered from this negligence. This study investigates the Gurmukhi font and Unicode converter, which works for font to font substitution and font to Unicode substitution using an algorithmic process taking intake of Gurmukhi text written in OpenXML document. This converter works for 5 ASCII based legacy Gurmukhi fonts and tries to handle the diverse mapping scheme of these fonts. It gives the hustle free substitution mechanism for both inter-font and Unicode conversion. The performance of GFUC is measure of various well-defined norms and gives 100% accuracy during conversion.

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