GENEVA: Streaming Control Algorithm Using Generalized Multiplicative-increase/additive-decrease


Motivated by the deployment of wide-area high-speed networks, we propose GENEVA, the streaming control algorithm using generalized multiplicative-increase/additive-decrease (GMIAD). Because current typical congestion controllers such as a TCP-friendly rate control prevent occurrences of network congestion reacting susceptibly to packet loss, it causes a… (More)
DOI: 10.2197/ipsjjip.21.109


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@article{Matsuzono2013GENEVASC, title={GENEVA: Streaming Control Algorithm Using Generalized Multiplicative-increase/additive-decrease}, author={Kazuhisa Matsuzono and Hitoshi Asaeda and Osamu Nakamura and Jun Murai}, journal={JIP}, year={2013}, volume={21}, pages={109-121} }