author={Edward L. Tatum},
A sustained release formulation of novel quininib-hyaluronan microneedles inhibits angiogenesis and retinal vascular permeability in vivo.
Trehalose-Induced Remodelling of the Human Microbiota Affects Clostridioides difficile Infection Outcome in an In Vitro Colonic Model: A Pilot Study
It is shown that trehalose-induced changes can reduce the outgrowth of C. difficile, preventing simulated CDI and potentially due to enhanced recovery of nutritionally competitive microbiota against C.difficile.
Development of a novel South African Rare Donor Red Cell Genotyping Database
This was the first study to determine the prevalence of red cell genotypes and predicted phenotypes amongst a subset of South African blood donors and established a benchmark for similar studies to be completed on a larger scale.
Large-scale metabolite quantitative trait locus analysis provides new insights for high-quality maize improvement.
This study identifies favorable genes hidden in the wild relative of teosinte which should allow us to balance high yield and quality in future modern crop breeding programs.
The pathophysiology of intestinal lipoprotein production
This review focuses on the molecular pathways that modulate the uptake and the transport of lipoproteins of intestinal origin and it will highlight recent findings on TRLs assembly.
Effects of emotional valence and arousal on acoustic duration reproduction assessed via the “dual klepsydra model”
Results of an acoustic duration reproduction task with stimulus duration of 2, 4, and 6 s are reported, using 45 emotionally negative, positive, and neutral sounds from the International Affective Digitized Sounds System, to investigate the influence of induced emotions on perceived duration.
The Homeostatic Regulation of Sleep Need Is under Genetic Control
It is demonstrated, for the first time, that the increase of SWS need is under a strong genetic control, and they provide a basis for identifying genes underlying SWS homeostasis.
Cold-inducible RNA-binding protein (CIRBP) adjusts clock-gene expression and REM-sleep recovery following sleep deprivation
CIRBP adjusts cortical clock-gene expression after sleep deprivation and expedites REM-sleep recovery, and Unexpectedly, KO mice were more active during lights-off which was accompanied with faster theta oscillations compared to WT mice.
Metabolic Engineering for Biocatalyst Robustness to Organic Inhibitors
  • Liam A. RoyceL. Jarboe
  • Biology, Engineering
    Bioprocessing Technology for Production of Biopharmaceuticals and Bioproducts
  • 2018
Inhibition often takes the form of inhibition of enzyme activity, depletion of cofactor pools, and membrane damage; methods are discussed for mitigating each of these types of inhibition.