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  author={Houari Khouidmi and Ahmed Massoum and Hassiba Benbouali},
Abstract: In this paper, a generalized predictive control (GPC) application to double stator induction motor is introduced. First, a model of DSIM is built to describe the prediction model of the process and then the GPC control law is derived and used to design the speed controller. It output is the future value of the controlled variables which is needed by field oriented control procedure (FOC). The applications of this strategy in the field of driving machines have been successful for high… Expand

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A simple indirect field-oriented control scheme for multiphase induction machine
  • G. Singh, K. Nam, S. Lim
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics
  • 2005
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Five level GTO inverters for large induction motor drives
  • R. Menzies, P. Steimer, J. Steinke
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • Conference Record of the 1993 IEEE Industry Applications Conference Twenty-Eighth IAS Annual Meeting
  • 1993
It is shown that a combination of several PWM techniques offers the best solution for the drives application and that large induction motors with ratings up to 22 MVA, 7.46 kV may be supplied by the five-level inverter using presently available 4.5 kV, 3.0 kA GTO thyristors. Expand
Torque density improvement in a six-phase induction motor with third harmonic current injection
  • R. Lyra, T. Lipo
  • Engineering
  • Conference Record of the 2001 IEEE Industry Applications Conference. 36th IAS Annual Meeting (Cat. No.01CH37248)
  • 2001
The use of six-phase induction motor for industrial drives presents several advantages over the conventional three-phase drive such as improved reliability, magnetic flux harmonic reduction, torqueExpand
Dual stator winding induction machine drive
  • A. Muñoz-García, T. Lipo
  • Engineering
  • Conference Record of 1998 IEEE Industry Applications Conference. Thirty-Third IAS Annual Meeting (Cat. No.98CH36242)
  • 1998
A new dual stator winding induction machine drive is described in this paper. The new machine consists of a squirrel cage induction motor having two stator windings wound for 2 and 6 poles which areExpand