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We examine the extent of change in gender relations within the Vietnamese family in the Red River Delta over the last four decades. During this time socialist policies emphasized gender equality although recent commentators speculate about negative effects of the transition to the market economy. Data come from a survey of three cohorts married during periods corresponding to the war with America, reunification, and economic renovation and permit comparisons of the situation at the early stages… 

Gender Division of Household Labor in Vietnam: Cohort Trends and Regional Variations

INTRODUCTIONVietnam's transformation from a centrally planned to a market economy in the late 1 980s has led to impressive economic growth, rapid poverty reduction, and improved living standards. One

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Drawing on a case study of married female migrants from two rural villages of Hung Yen province to Hanoi City, Vietnam, this paper investigates the implications of female migration on gender roles

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Young Vietnamese men who witnessed their mother's changing economic and labour market situations through the early years of Ðổi mới (the policy of economic liberalization in Vietnam after 1986) have

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Abstract Since the introduction of Đổi Mới (market economic reforms) in 1986, Vietnam has experienced rapid social, cultural, economic and technological changes. The purpose of this study is to

Dimensions of gender relations and reproductive health inequity perceived by female undergraduate students in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam: a qualitative exploration

IntroductionIncreasing evidence indicates that gender equity has a significant influence on women’s health; yet few culturally specific indicators of gender relations exist which are applicable to

Parental education, gender preferences and child nutritional status in Peru

  • R. Novella
  • Economics, Sociology
    Oxford Development Studies
  • 2018
ABSTRACT This paper examines whether the distribution of bargaining power between parents affects nutritional indicators in the early stages of a child’s life, giving evidence that the allocation of

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The purpose of this thesis is to discuss and analyze how constructions of masculinity and femininity are intertwined with land-related corruption in Vietnam. Drawing on masculinity theory and Nancy



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Two general schools of thought offer contrasting visions concerning which kinds of social systems may best ameliorate social inequalities based on class, race, or gender. The modernization

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Using Western-language sources, this chapter will suggest questions to be asked about the initial change in the status of Vietnamese women. This subject is especially intriguing as that status has

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Results indicate that sons are highly desired for their social, symbolic, and economic value and a gap between discourse and social practice with respect to roles assigned to children on the basis of their sex is indicated.

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BY THE STANDARDs of the other Indochina countries, the rate of the development of revolution in modern Vietnam and the growth of a selfconscious nationalism in Vietnamese society were relatively


ABSTRACT A study was conducted to test the following hypotheses concerning division of household labor"(DOHI) between husbands and wives: (1) the division of household labor is somewhat "affected by

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The Vietnamese family in change: the case of the Red River Delta.

The traditional family changes affecting the family since 1945 husband-wife relationships reproduction and sociocultural meanings.

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This article discusses: health improvements and challenges; improving education rates; lowering poverty rates; abortion rates high despite availability of contraceptives; urban areas attracting

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Une faible fecondite et une preference pour les garcons sont a l’origine des taux eleves de masculinite a la naissance constates en Inde, en Coree du Sud et en Chine. Dans cet article, nous nous