GELRITE as an Agar Substitute in Bacteriological Media.

  title={GELRITE as an Agar Substitute in Bacteriological Media.},
  author={Dr. D. L. Shungu and M E Valiant and V A Tutlane and Ellen Weinberg and B A Weissberger and L R Koupal and H. H. Gadebusch and Edward O. Stapley},
  journal={Applied and environmental microbiology},
  volume={46 4},
GELRITE gellan gum (formerly known as PS-60 and S-60) is a new naturally derived, highly purified polysaccharide which displays several interesting properties, including selfgelling. The suitability of GELRITE as an agar substitute was tested by evaluating the performance of several media selected from among those most commonly used in the isolation, identification, and enumeration of microorganisms in clinical laboratories. Fifty different bacterial species previously implicated in human… CONTINUE READING