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GECOSAN: a platform of tools and services for health knowledge management

  title={GECOSAN: a platform of tools and services for health knowledge management},
  author={R. Tononi and Davide Zaccagnini and Nicola Capuano and Matteo Gaeta and Francesco J. Orciuoli},
On may 2002, the Italian Department of Research approved the financing of the project named "GECOSAN methods and tools for health knowledge management"; the project is coordinated by ENEA, one of the Italian major research institutions, and sees the participation of the Medical Department of the Second University of Naples, of San Filippo Neri Hospital System, CRMPA (Center for Research in Applied and Pure Mathematics), CETMA (Center for Design and Research in Advanced Materials). 
IWT: una piattaforma innovativa per la didattica intelligente su web
The presente articolo descrive IWT, una piattaforma di e-learning che si propone di superare questo limite mirando a personalizzare l’apprendimento sulle reali esigenze e preferenze dell’utente.


Clinical information systems and the electronic medical record in the intensive care unit
Clinical information systems and the electronic medical record in the ICU have the potential to improve medical record movement problems, to improve quality and coherence of the patient care process, to automate guidelines and care pathways, and to assist in clinical care and research, outcome management, and process improvement.
A multi-agent architecture for teaching dermatology.
This work proposes the integration of computer-aided instruction systems in the curricula of medical education, and describes an intelligent tutoring system used for teaching Dermatology. The
The URO Mentor: development and evaluation of a new computer‐based interactive training system for virtual life‐like simulation of diagnostic and therapeutic endourological procedures
The aim is to overcome the current disadvantages of traditional training methods for ureterorenoscopy and percutaneous nephrolitholapaxy using the URO Mentor computer‐assisted simulator.
ICTS, an interventional cardiology training system.
An Interventional Cardiology Training System developed by the Medical Application Group at Mitsubishi Electric in collaboration with the Center for Innovative Minimally Invasive Therapy to augment the training of new cardiology fellows as well as to introduce cardiologists to new devices and procedures.