GD358: Three Decades of Observations for the In-depth Asteroseismology of a DBV Star

  title={GD358: Three Decades of Observations for the In-depth Asteroseismology of a DBV Star},
  author={Agn{\`e}s Bischoff-Kim and Judith L. Provencal and P. A. Bradley and Michael Houston Montgomery and Harry L. Shipman and Samuel Thomas Harrold and B. Howard and W. Strickland and D. Chandler and Douglas Neil Campbell and Anicia Arredondo and Rodman Linn and Dwight P. Russell and Dominic Doyle and Alise Brickhouse and Dieter H. W. Peters and S. L. Kim and Xue jun Jiang and Y-N. Mao and Anatolij V. Kusakin and Andrew Sergeev and Marat Andreev and Sergey Velichko and Rimvydas Janulis and Erika Pak{\vs}tienė and Filiz Kahraman Aliçavuş and Nil Horoz and Staszek Zola and Waldemar Ogłoza and Dorota Kozieł-Wierzbowska and Tomasz Kundera and Damian Jabłeka and Bartlomiej Debski and Andrzej Baran and Stefan Meingast and Thorsten Nagel and Lisa L{\"o}bling and Cornelia Heinitz and Darin Hoyer and Zs. Bogn'ar and B. G. Castanheira},
  journal={The Astrophysical Journal},
  • Agnès Bischoff-Kim, Judith L. Provencal, +38 authors B. G. Castanheira
  • Published 2019
  • Physics
  • The Astrophysical Journal
  • We report on the analysis of 34 years of photometric observations of the pulsating helium atmosphere white dwarf GD358. The complete data set includes archival data from 1982-2006, and 1195.2 hours of new observations from 2007- 2016. From this data set, we extract 15 frequencies representing g-mode pulsation modes, adding 4 modes to the 11 modes known previously. We present evidence that these 15 modes are ell = 1 modes, 13 of which belong to a consecutive sequence in radial overtone k. We… CONTINUE READING


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