GAWSCHI: gaze-augmented, wearable-supplemented computer-human interaction

  title={GAWSCHI: gaze-augmented, wearable-supplemented computer-human interaction},
  author={Vijay Rajanna and Tracy Anne Hammond},
Recent developments in eye tracking technology are paving the way for gaze-driven interaction as the primary interaction modality. Despite successful efforts, existing solutions to the “Midas Touch” problem have two inherent issues: 1) lower accuracy, and 2) visual fatigue that are yet to be addressed. In this work we present GAWSCHI: a Gaze-Augmented, Wearable-Supplemented Computer-Human Interaction framework that enables accurate and quick gaze-driven interactions, while being completely… CONTINUE READING

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Key Quantitative Results

  • We found that gazedriven interaction using GAWSCHI is as good (time and precision) as mouse-based interaction as long as the dimensions of the interface element are above a threshold (0.60” x 0.51”).

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