GATA-4 is an angiogenic survival factor of the infarcted heart.

  title={GATA-4 is an angiogenic survival factor of the infarcted heart.},
  author={Jaana Rys{\"a} and Olli Tenhunen and Raisa E Serpi and Ylermi M Soini and Mona Nemer and Hanna Leskinen and Heikki Ruskoaho},
  journal={Circulation. Heart failure},
  volume={3 3},
BACKGROUND Recent data suggest that GATA-4 is an antiapoptotic factor required for adaptive responses and a key regulator of hypertrophy and hypertrophy-associated genes in the heart. As a leading cause of chronic heart failure, reversal of postinfarction left ventricular remodeling represents an important target for therapeutic interventions. Here, we studied the role of GATA-4 as a mediator of postinfarction remodeling in rats. METHODS AND RESULTS Myocardial infarction, caused by ligating… CONTINUE READING


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