GATA-3-dependent enhancer activity in IL-4 gene regulation.

  title={GATA-3-dependent enhancer activity in IL-4 gene regulation.},
  author={Sheila Ranganath and Wenjun Ouyang and Deepta Bhattarcharya and William C. Sha and Andrew Grupe and Gary Peltz and Kenneth M Murphy},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={161 8},
Previously, we analyzed the proximal IL-4 promoter in directing Th2-specific activity. An 800-base pair proximal promoter conferred some Th2-selective expression in transgenic mice. However, this region directed extremely low reporter mRNA levels relative to endogenous IL-4 mRNA, suggesting that full gene activity requires additional enhancer elements. Here, we analyzed large genomic IL-4 regions for enhancer activity and interaction with transcription factors. The proximal IL-4 promoter is… CONTINUE READING


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