GASS II : the SFE of massive galaxies 921

  title={GASS II : the SFE of massive galaxies 921},
  author={David Schiminovich and Barbara Catinella and Guinevere Kauffmann and Silvia Fabello and Jing Wang and Cameron Hummels and Jenna Lemonias and Sean M. Moran and Ronin Wu and Riccardo Giovanelli and Martha P. Haynes and Timothy M. Heckman and Antara R. Basu-Zych and Michael Blanton and Jarle Brinchmann and Tamas Budavari and Thiago de Oliveira Gonçalves and Benjamin D. Johnson and Robert C. Kennicutt and B F Madore and Christopher D. Martin and Michael R. Rich and Linda J. Tacconi and David Thilker and Vivienne Wild and Ted K. Wyder},
We use measurements of the H I content, stellar mass and star formation rates (SFRs) in ∼190 massive galaxies with M > 1010 M , obtained from the GALEX (Galaxy Evolution Explorer) Arecibo SDSS (Sloan Digital Sky Survey) survey described in Paper I to explore the global scaling relations associated with the bin-averaged ratio of the SFR over the H I mass (i.e. SFR/ MHI), which we call the H I-based star formation efficiency (SFE). Unlike the mean specific star formation rate (sSFR), which… CONTINUE READING