GAIROSCOPE: Injecting Data from Air-Gapped Computers to Nearby Gyroscopes

  title={GAIROSCOPE: Injecting Data from Air-Gapped Computers to Nearby Gyroscopes},
  author={Mordechai Guri},
—It is known that malware can leak data from isolated, air-gapped computers to nearby smartphones using ultrasonic waves. However, this covert channel requires access to the smartphone’s microphone, which is highly protected in Android OS and iOS, and might be non-accessible, disabled, or blocked.Inthis paper we present ‘GAIROSCOPE,’ an ultrasonic covert channel that doesn’t require a microphone on the receiving side. Our malware generates ultrasonic tones in the resonance frequencies of the… 



Brightness: Leaking Sensitive Data from Air-Gapped Workstations via Screen Brightness

This paper introduces an optical covert channel in which an attacker can leak sensitive information from air-gapped computers through manipulations on the screen brightness, invisible to users.

Inaudible Sound as a Covert Channel in Mobile Devices

This work implemented an ultrasonic modem for Android and found that it could send signals up to 100 feet away and was practical with the transmitter inside of a pocket, and proposed two sound-based covert channels, ultrasonic and isolated sound.

Fansmitter: Acoustic data exfiltration from air-Gapped computers via fans noise

POWER-SUPPLaY: Leaking Data from Air-Gapped Systems by Turning the Power-Supplies Into Speakers

The developed malware can exploit the computer power supply unit (PSU) to play sounds and use it as an out-of-band, secondary speaker with limited capabilities, and the POWER-SUPPLaY code can operate from an ordinary user-mode process and doesn't need any hardware access or special privileges.

Acoustic Data Exfiltration from Speakerless Air-Gapped Computers via Covert Hard-Drive Noise ('DiskFiltration')

With DiskFiltration, a method to leak data from speakerless computers via covert acoustic signals emitted from its hard disk drive (HDD) is presented, and a transmitter and a receiver for PCs and smartphones are developed.

CTRL-ALT-LED: Leaking Data from Air-Gapped Computers Via Keyboard LEDs

This paper extensively explore the exfiltration malware of an advanced persistent threat (APT) using the keyboard LEDs to encode information and exfiltrate data from airgapped computers optically in the context of a modern cyber-attack with current hardware and optical equipment.

MOSQUITO: Covert Ultrasonic Transmissions Between Two Air-Gapped Computers Using Speaker-to-Speaker Communication

This paper shows how two or more air-gapped computers in the same room, equipped with passive speakers, headphones, or earphones can covertly exchange data via ultrasonic waves through a method based on the capability of a malware to exploit a specific audio chip feature.

On Acoustic Covert Channels Between Air-Gapped Systems

In this work, we study the ability for malware to leak sensitive information from an air-gapped high-security system to systems on a low-security network, using ultrasonic and audible audio covert

CD-LEAK: Leaking Secrets from Audioless Air-Gapped Computers Using Covert Acoustic Signals from CD/DVD Drives

  • Mordechai Guri
  • Computer Science, Physics
    2020 IEEE 44th Annual Computers, Software, and Applications Conference (COMPSAC)
  • 2020
This paper presents CD-LEAK - a novel acoustic covert channel that works in constrained environments where loudspeakers are not available to the attacker, and develops a transmitter and receiver for PCs and smartphones.