GA-binding protein alpha/beta is a critical regulator of the BRCA1 promoter.

  title={GA-binding protein alpha/beta is a critical regulator of the BRCA1 promoter.},
  author={Ella Atlas and Melissa Stramwasser and Karen Whiskin and Christopher R. Mueller},
  volume={19 15},
Decreased expression of BRCA1 may play a role in the etiology of sporadic breast cancer. Deletion and point mutant analysis of proximal promoter elements in the BRCA1 1a promoter revealed a 22 bp region which was critical for the expression of the promoter in MCF-7 cells, but had a much reduced effect in T47D cells. The main transcription factor interacting with this site was identified as GABPalpha/beta, and a discrete DNA binding complex was only observed in nuclear extracts from MCF-7 cells… CONTINUE READING

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