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G8,2 Geometric Algebra, DCGA

  title={G8,2 Geometric Algebra, DCGA},
  author={Robert Benjamin Easter},
The metric we use for G8;2 is (1; 1; 1; 1; i1; 1; 1; 1; 1; i1). This metric makes it very simple to use the CGA subalgebras of the CGA1 and CGA2 subspaces in a way fully compatible with CGA. These two CGAs are used as mirror copies or doubles to create bivector-valued entities for points and surfaces. As such, the G8;2 geo- metric algebra of these new bivector-valued point and surface entities could be called Double-Conformal Geometric Algebra (DCGA), or even Bi-conformal Geometric Algebra (Bi… 
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The Double Conformal Space-Time Algebra (DCSTA) is a high-dimensional 12D Geometric Algebra G4,8that extends the concepts introduced with the Double Conformal / Darboux Cyclide Geometric Algebra
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The triple conformal geometric algebra (TCGA) for the Euclidean R2 ‐plane extends CGA as the product of 3 orthogonal CGAs and thereby the representation of geometric entities to general cubic plane
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The G8,2 geometric algebra, also called the double conformal/Darboux cyclide geometric algebra (DCGA), has entities that represent conic sections. DCGA also has entities that represent planar
Conic and Cyclidic Sections in Double Conformal Geometric Algebra G_{8,2}
The G_{8,2} Geometric Algebra, also called the Double Conformal / Darboux Cyclide Geometric Algebra (DCGA), has entities that represent conic sections. DCGA also has entities that represent planar
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1: Origins of Geometric Algebra.- 1-1. Geometry as Physics.- 1-2. Number and Magnitude.- 1-3. Directed Numbers.- 1-4. The Inner Product.- 1-5. The Outer Product.- 1-6. Synthesis and Simplification.-
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Students will profit from the detailed introduction to geometric algebra, while the text is supported by the author's visualization software, CLUCalc, freely available online, and a website that includes downloadable exercises, slides and tutorials.
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This book provides an introduction to quaternions and Clifford geometric algebras. Quaternion rotations are covered extensively. A reference manual on the entities and operations of conformal (CGA)
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This work makes a geometric algebra compiler capable of supporting arbitrary geometric algebras and integrates a visualization tool that will be able to visualize elements of arbitrary geometricAlgebra with a minimum of preceding knowledge on the concrete geometric algebra.