G-stalt: a Chirocentric, Spatiotemporal, and Telekinetic Gestural Interface

  title={G-stalt: a Chirocentric, Spatiotemporal, and Telekinetic Gestural Interface},
  author={Jamie Zigelbaum and Alan Browning and Daniel Leithinger and Olivier Bau and Hiroshi Ishii},
  booktitle={Tangible and Embedded Interaction},
In this paper we present g-stalt, a gestural interface for interacting with video. g-stalt is built upon the g-speak spatial operating environment (SOE) from Oblong Industries. The version of g-stalt presented here is realized as a three-dimensional graphical space filled with over 60 cartoons. These cartoons can be viewed and rearranged along with their metadata using a specialized gesture set. g-stalt is designed to be chirocentric, spatiotemporal, and telekinetic. 
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