G-overhang dynamics at Tetrahymena telomeres.

  title={G-overhang dynamics at Tetrahymena telomeres.},
  author={Naduparambil K Jacob and Rose Skopp and Carolyn M. Price},
  journal={The EMBO journal},
  volume={20 15},
To learn more about the structure of the DNA terminus at Tetrahymena thermophila telomeres, we have devised a ligation-mediated primer extension protocol to accurately measure the length of the G-strand overhang. We show that overhang length and the identity of the 3'-terminal nucleotide are tightly regulated. The majority of overhangs terminate in the sequence 5'-TTGGGGT and >80% are either 14-15 or 20-21 nucleotides in length. No significant changes in overhang length were detected as cells… CONTINUE READING

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