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G-induced loss of consciousness: definition, history, current status.

  title={G-induced loss of consciousness: definition, history, current status.},
  author={Richard R. Burton},
  journal={Aviation, space, and environmental medicine},
  volume={59 1},
  • Richard R. Burton
  • Published in
    Aviation, space, and…
  • Medicine
  • G-induced loss of consciousness (G-LOC) is defined as "a state of altered perception wherein (one's) awareness of reality is absent as a result of sudden, critical reduction of cerebral blood circulation caused by increased G force." This phenomenon was first identified in Great Britain in World War I (circa 1918-1919) as "fainting in the air." In the United States G-LOC was first encountered in 1922 during the Pulitzer Trophy Air Race. Although recognized during World War II as an operational… CONTINUE READING

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