G.O.T.H.A.M. - mesh network management and visualization for batman-adv


The mesh network has propagated rapidly, because of the Internet. All over the world, many people cannot use the Internet, because the Internet cable is not installed. So many mesh network communities try to set up the mesh network nodes and manage it. By its effort, there are more than 50 thousand mesh nodes in the world. However, there are no enough people who can make the mesh network and can manage it. By this reason, we develop open source GOTHAM. It has three main part. There are “Self-Organizing”, “Visualization” and “Content-Centric”. G.O.T.H.A.M is designed for people who don't know the network. So, it focuses simplicity, familiarity and automaticity. In this paper we explain original G.O.T.H.A.M and new G.O.T.H.A.M with Hazelcast including three functions. And also, we describe the program which runs with GOTHAM. All of the software in this paper is available on Github.

DOI: 10.1109/ICOIN.2017.7899530

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