Fuzzy logic estimation of SOH of 125Ah VRLA batteries

  title={Fuzzy logic estimation of SOH of 125Ah VRLA batteries},
  author={Pritpal Singh and S. Kaneria and J. Broadhead and Xuesong Wang and Jared Burdick},
  journal={INTELEC 2004. 26th Annual International Telecommunications Energy Conference},
It is important to be able to accurately estimate the condition of VRLA batteries used in the UPS/telecom industry. A common size used in this application is the 12 V 125Ah module. While impedance-based meters are commonly used to perform this estimation, the only reliable means to determining battery SOH is through off-line discharge testing of the batteries. Significant cost savings in VRLA battery monitoring could be achieved if a reliable meter could be developed to accurately estimate… CONTINUE READING
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