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Fuzzy control based solar tracker using Arduino Uno

  title={Fuzzy control based solar tracker using Arduino Uno},
  author={Dipti Bawa and C. Y. Patil},
179 Abstract—This paper presents the fuzzy logic control based solar tracking system using Arduino Uno. Stepper motor helps in tracking the axis of the sun and keeps the panel in direction of the sun all day long and a Buck DC-DC Converter has been used for Maximum Power Point Tracking. The proposed fuzzy logic controller has been implemented and tested using MATLAB. The above sun tracking power generation system has been tested in real time using Arduino Uno. The designed system increases the… Expand
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A national grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) system is proposed that improves the classic P&O by using three incremental duty ratio (ΔD) instead of a single one in the conventional P and O MPPT method, and the system's performance is improved to a higher speed and less power fluctuation around the MPP. Expand


Application of Fuzzy Logic Control Approach in a Microcontroller-Based Sun Tracking System
  • Zhou Yan, Zhu Jiaxing
  • Computer Science
  • 2010 WASE International Conference on Information Engineering
  • 2010
A microcontroller-based sun tracking system is proposed, which is comprised of a sensor, a microcontroller, and two stepper motors and can increase the output power of the solar panel significantly. Expand
Design and implementation of a fuzzy logic computer-controlled sun tracking system
  • H. Yousef
  • Engineering
  • ISIE '99. Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (Cat. No.99TH8465)
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A microcontroller based automatic sun tracker combined with a new solar energy conversion unit
  • F. Huang, D. Tien, J. Or
  • Engineering
  • 1998 International Conference on Power Electronic Drives and Energy Systems for Industrial Growth, 1998. Proceedings.
  • 1998
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  • Li-Xin Wang
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
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