Fuzzy-assisted ultrafiltration of whey by-products recovery

  title={Fuzzy-assisted ultrafiltration of whey by-products recovery},
  author={Francesco Villecco and Rita Patrizia Aquino and Vincenza Calabr{\`o} and Maria Ida Corrente and Matteo d’Amore and Antonio Grasso and Vincenzo Naddeo},
  journal={Euro-Mediterranean Journal for Environmental Integration},
It is well known that wastewaters from the food industry are a potential source of valuable compounds, such that these wastewaters may be considered by-products awaiting the development of appropriate treatment methodologies. Whey is one of the most important polluting effluents from the milk industry because of its very high biological oxygen demand (BOD). Nevertheless, whey is rich in by-products such as whey proteins and lactose, both of which are widely used industrially. Integrated… 
A Novel Device for the Soil Sterilizing in Sustainable Agriculture
In this paper a machine that performed the soil sterilization has been designed. The soil is cut and put in a loading hopper and downloaded in a rotating cylinder placed on the machine. The fins
Development and Testing of a Methodology for the Assessment of Acceptability of LKA Systems
The results, obtained in three specific criticality conditions, show that the behaviour of the LKA system, reproduced in the simulator, is not immediately understood by the driver and, sometimes, it is in opposition with the interventions performed by theDriver to ensure driving safety.
On-Road Detection of Driver Fatigue and Drowsiness during Medium-Distance Journeys
The present study confirms the possibility of continuously monitoring the driver’s status through the detection of the activation/deactivation states of the ANS based on HRV and can help prevent accidents caused by drowsiness while driving.
L'importanza dell'acqua nell’industria  lattiero-casearia            
L’industria alimentare è uno tra i settori in rapida crescita economica. Questo settore è caratterizzato da un’elevata domanda di risorse, in particolare di acqua.  Molti degli stabilimenti


Cheese whey wastewater: characterization and treatment.
Pollution potential reduction of cheese whey through yeast fermentation
The fermentation process was successful in reducing the total chemical oxygen deman, the soluble COD, the total solids, and ammonium nitrogen, and the gains in the suspended solids and organic nitrogen were affected by the hydraulic retention time.
General Characteristics and Treatment Possibilities of
Dairy Wastewater - A Review.
  • A. Slavov
  • Biology, Medicine
    Food technology and biotechnology
  • 2017
The origin, categories, as well as liquid by-products and general indicators of real dairy wastewater are described and in-factory treatment technologies with the emphasis on biological processes are focused on.
Design Optimization of a Natural Gas Substation with Intensification of the Energy Cycle
Natural gas is currently the natural substitute of petroleum as an energy source, since the foreseen ending up of this latter in the next decades. As a matter of fact, natural gas is easier to