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Fuzzy adaptive control method with biological character

  title={Fuzzy adaptive control method with biological character},
  author={Yimin Li and Shousong Hu},
Aiming at a type of complex nonlinear dynamic systems, a T-S fuzzy control system based on niche model is proposed in this paper. The ecological environment actually occupied by the organism, and the organism's ability to exploit and use it, is regarded as a unit of a dissipative structure-"niche". The "costae escarole" theory of niche is used to found a general fuzzy mathematic model. The biological adaptation is combined with the design of fuzzy control system to found a fuzzy inference… 

Indirect adaptive type-2 bionic fuzzy control

In this study, an indirect adaptive type-2 bionic fuzzy control method is proposed for a class of nonlinear systems and the stability of the closed-loop system is proved with all the state variables uniformly bounded in the Lyapunov sense.



An improved stable adaptive fuzzy control method

The main focus of the paper is on the presentation of a second method, which extends the applicability of stable adaptive fuzzy control to a broader class of nonlinear plants; this is achieved by an improved controller structure adopted from the neural network domain.

Direct fuzzy model‐reference adaptive control

A general methodology of adaptive control based on multiple models in fuzzy form to deal with plants with unknown parameters which depend on known plant variables and the foundation of the proposed algorithm are given and some simulation examples are given.

Fuzzy adaptive approach to fuzzy controllers with spacial model

Stability and stabilizability of fuzzy-neural-linear control systems

This paper discusses stability analysis of fuzzy-neural-linear (FNL) control systems which consist of combinations of fuzzy models, neural network (NN) models, and linear models and presents a procedure for representing the dynamics of NN models via T-S fuzzy models.

Indirect model reference adaptive fuzzy control of dynamic fuzzy-state space model

A parameter estimator is developed for a plant that can be represented by a dynamic fuzzy-state space model. The essential idea behind an online estimation is the comparison of the measured state