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Fuzzy Self-Adaptive PID Controller Design for Electric Heating Furnace

  title={Fuzzy Self-Adaptive PID Controller Design for Electric Heating Furnace},
  author={D. Kranthi Kumar},
  • D. Kumar
  • Published 2012
  • Computer Science, Engineering
This paper deals with the importance of fuzzy logic based self-adaptive PID controller in the application of temperature process control of an electric heating furnace (1). Generally, it is necessary to maintain the proper temperature in the heating furnace. In common, PID controller is used as a process controller in the industries. But it is very difficult to set the proper controller gains. Also because of nonlinear and large inertia characteristics of the controller (2), often it doesn't… 

Fuzzy Logic and PD Control Strategies of a Three-Phase Electric Arc Furnace

This paper presents a fuzzy control and a conventional proportional derivative control for the electrode positioning system of a three-phase electric arc furnace. Generally, it is necessary to

Experimental tests of fuzzy logical temperature controller of an electric resistance chamber furnace

An innovated hardware and software platform for the implementation of the fuzzy controller fortemperature and temperature slope change in an electric resistance chamber furnace and tests on two electric chamber furnaces confirm the "plug and play controller" principal is realistic.

An adaptive fuzzy PID control for a class of SISO uncertain nonlinear systems

In this work we propose an adaptive PID control law to deal with a class of single input single output (SISO) uncertain nonlinear systems. In fact, a fuzzy system is used for approximating the PID

Load frequency control of a nonlinear two-area power system

In an interconnected power system, all the generators must run at an appropriate capacity to meet the demand in power. Loss of synchronism between the generators and/or too much frequency

An adaptive fuzzy PI control for a class of unknown nonaffine systems

  • Nidhal CherratH. Boubertakh
  • Computer Science
    2015 3rd International Conference on Control, Engineering & Information Technology (CEIT)
  • 2015
In this work a fuzzy adaptive PI controller is proposed for a class of uncertain nonaffine nonlinear systems that is approximated by a set of fuzzy systems to minimize the error between the unknown ideal PI controller and the fuzzy PI controller.

Simultaneous stable control of temperature field distribution uniformity and consistency for multi-temperature zone systems

Results show that the difference between the highest and lowest temperature of any workpiece could be maintained within 5°C in the heat rising up period, which convincingly verifies the effectiveness of the proposed predictive control algorithm in different cases.

A two-output high frequency series-resonant induction heater

  • P. KongsakornA. Jangwanitlert
  • Engineering
    ECTI-CON2010: The 2010 ECTI International Confernce on Electrical Engineering/Electronics, Computer, Telecommunications and Information Technology
  • 2010
A two-output high frequency series-resonant induction heater whose concept is to reduce a size and a number of components and which can control two-unit output power by using 3-legs of full-bridge series-Resonant inverter.



Temperature Control System Based on Fuzzy Self-Adaptive PID Controller

A self-adaptive PID controller based on fuzzy that can optimiz the control process continuously, so that the fuzzy control system has a strong self- Adaptive capacity.

Design of self-tuning fuzzy logic controller for the control of an unknown industrial process

Tuning the input and output gains is done here for various range of inputs of the proposed self-tuning fuzzy logic controller (FLC) for a temperature control process.

The resin abrasives products hardening furnace temperature control system design based on fuzzy self-tuning PID

By simulization, it is demonstrated that control system with self-tuning PID is the better in performance than conventional PID.

Design of Series Leading Correction PID Controller

By tuning the parameter, the new PID controller can reduce the controlled system’s maximum overshoot and setting time significantly, so as to improve the controlled systems’ stability and rapidity of step response.

Introduction to Fuzzy Logic using MATLAB

This paper presents a model for a Fuzzy Rule-Based System that automates the very labor-intensive and therefore time-heavy process of decision-making in the context of classical sets.

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From the Publisher: The sixth edition of Process Control Instrumentation Technology provides a comprehensive working knowledge of process control and control systems, from the fundamental

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The characteristics of Electrical and Mechanical Systems, as well as second-order systems, and Quality Factor, reveal an understanding of second-Order systems and their role in the electrical and mechanical systems.

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Control Systems

This completely revised and updated work describes the basic concepts of control theory in both frequency and time domains and contains an extensive number of realistic and challenging problems, with special emphasis on design.

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This chapter discusses Fuzzy Logic in Database Management and Information Systems, as well as its applications in Genetic Algorithms, Pattern Recognition, and Neuro-Fuzzy Systems.