Fuzzy Rule-based Integrated System Multi-indicators Economic Performance Evaluation and Decision Making Support Framework


Due to the importance of economic performance analysis to support decision making of integrated system, many experts devote themselves into this area and develop several related frameworks and methods. However these frameworks and methods can embody the philosophy of integration hardly. Our research team has researched in this area for many years and put forward economic view to analyze and evaluate economic performance of integrated system to support relevant decision making. This year economic view is published as the annex C of ISO 15704. Because cooperation and coordination among enterprises become more and more important in the networked manufacturing environment, further study is also proposed to analyze cooperative enterprise network on the basis of economic view. Then as a critical and significant result of our current research in this field, we presented a fuzzy rule-based multi-indicators analysis and decision making support framework of integrated system

DOI: 10.1109/CIMCA.2005.1631348

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