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Fuzzy Logic Controller for BLDC Permanent Magnet Motor Drives

  title={Fuzzy Logic Controller for BLDC Permanent Magnet Motor Drives},
  author={T. C. Siong and B. Ismail and S. F. Siraj and M. F. Mohammed},
This paper presents a fuzzy logic controller for brushless direct current (BLDC) permanent magnet motor drives. Initially a fuzzy logic controller is developed using MATLAB Fuzzy-Logic Toolbox and then inserted into the Simulink model. The dynamic characteristics of the brushless DC motor such as speed, torque, current and voltage of the inverter components are observed and analyzed using the developed MATLAB model. In order to verify the effectiveness of the controller, the simulation results… Expand
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dSPACE DSP-Based Rapid Prototyping of Fuzzy PID Controls for High Performance Brushless Servo Drives
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This paper presents a complete and integrated environment for rapid prototyping of robust proportional-integral-derivative (PID) fuzzy controller that allows rapid realization of novel designs. TheExpand
An Efficient Simulation Technique for the Variable Sampling Effect of BLDC Motor Applications
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