Fuzzy Local Gaussian Mixture Model for Brain MR Image Segmentation

  title={Fuzzy Local Gaussian Mixture Model for Brain MR Image Segmentation},
  author={Zexuan Ji and Yong Xia and Quan-Sen Sun and Qiang Chen and De-Shen Xia and David Dagan Feng},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine},
Accurate brain tissue segmentation from magnetic resonance (MR) images is an essential step in quantitative brain image analysis. However, due to the existence of noise and intensity inhomogeneity in brain MR images, many segmentation algorithms suffer from limited accuracy. In this paper, we assume that the local image data within each voxel's neighborhood satisfy the Gaussian mixture model (GMM), and thus propose the fuzzy local GMM (FLGMM) algorithm for automated brain MR image segmentation… CONTINUE READING
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