Future Re-visions. The Construction of Generic Identity in the Italian Translated Titles of Anglo-American Science Fiction.

  title={Future Re-visions. The Construction of Generic Identity in the Italian Translated Titles of Anglo-American Science Fiction.},
  author={Diana Bianchi},
Science fiction is a foreign genre within the Italian literary tradition, to the extent that ever since it was 'imported' in Italy in the early 1950s, translations from English have been the main form through which SF has circulated in Italy in the following decades. Such translations were initially published in popular book series that highlighted the most escapist and colourful elements of the genre. In the 1970s, however, there was an attempt to 'revise' it, toning down sci- ence fiction's… 

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  • Text , Ex - tratext , Metatext and Paratexts in Translation
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