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Futile care. Physicians should not be allowed to refuse to treat. Point.

  title={Futile care. Physicians should not be allowed to refuse to treat. Point.},
  author={Robert M. Veatch and Carol Mason Spicer},
  journal={Health progress},
  volume={74 10},
  • Robert M. Veatch, Carol Mason Spicer
  • Published 1993
  • Medicine
  • Health progress
  • Eighteen years after the era of Karen Ann Quinlan, the debate over futile care has shifted. Now some patients are asking for treatment that care givers believe to be useless. In virtually all cases of so-called futile care, the real disagreement is not over whether a treatment will produce an effect; it is over whether some agreed-on potential effect is of any value. An obvious reason to resist providing care believed to be futile is that is appears to consume scarce resources and therefore… CONTINUE READING

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