Fusion of sperm with prostasomes: effects on membrane fluidity.

  title={Fusion of sperm with prostasomes: effects on membrane fluidity.},
  author={Enrico Carlini and Carlo Alberto Palmerini and Ermelando Vinicio Cosmi and Giuseppe Arienti},
  journal={Archives of biochemistry and biophysics},
  volume={343 1},
Prostasomes are membranous vesicles (150-200 nm diameter) present in human semen. They are secreted by the prostate gland and contain large amounts of cholesterol, sphingomyelin, and Ca2+. In addition, some of their proteins are enzymes. Prostasomes enhance the motility of ejaculated sperm and are involved in a number of biological functions. In this work, we study the fusion of prostasomes to sperm by determining the relief of octadecylrhodamine self-quenching and the fluidity of membranes by… CONTINUE READING