Fusion Residues

  title={Fusion Residues},
  author={Kenneth Intriligator},
We discuss when and how the Verlinde dimensions of a rational conformal field theory can be expressed as correlation functions in a topological LG theory. It is seen that a necessary condition is that the RCFT fusion rules must exhibit an extra symmetry. We consider two particular perturbations of the Grassmannian superpotentials. The topological LG residues in one perturbation, introduced by Gepner, are shown to be a twisted version of the SU (N) k Verlinde dimensions. The residues in the… 
Fusion potentials for Gk and handle squashing
Abstract Using Chern-Simons gauge theory, we show that the fusion ring of the conformal field theory Gk (G any Lie algebra) is isomorphic to P[u]/(▿V) where (▿V) is the ideal generated by conditions
And Handle Squashing*
Using Chern–Simons gauge theory, we show that the fusion ring of the conformal field theory Gk (G any Lie algebra) is isomorphic to P [u] (∇V ) where V is a polynomial in u and (∇V ) is the ideal
Topological matter, integrable models and fusion rings
Abstract We show how topological G k /G k models can be embedded into the topological matter models that are obtained by perturbing the twisted N = 2 supersymmetric, hermitian symmetric, coset
Issues in topological gauge theory
We discuss topological theories, arising from the general N = 2 twisted gauge theories. We initiate a program of their study in the Gromov-Witten paradigm. We re-examine the low-energy effective
On classification ofN=2 supersymmetric theories
We find a relation between the spectrum of solitons of massiveN=2 quantum field theories ind=2 and the scaling dimensions of chiral fields at the conformal point. The condition that the scaling
The geometry of gauged linear sigma model correlation functions
Abstract Applying advances in exact computations of supersymmetric gauge theories, we study the structure of correlation functions in two-dimensional N = ( 2 , 2 ) Abelian and non-Abelian gauge
Boundary rings and /N=2 coset models
Abstract We investigate boundary states of N =2 coset models based on Grassmannians Gr(n,n+k), and find that the underlying intersection geometry is given by the fusion ring of U(n). This is
Non-scale-invariant topological Landau-Ginzburg models
Abstract The Landau-Ginzburg formulation of two-dimensional topological sigma models on the target space with positive first Chern class is considered. The effective Landau-Ginzburg superpotential
We find and analyze the Landau-Ginzburg potentials whose critical points determine chiral rings which are exactly the fusion rings of SP(N)K WZW models. The quasihomogeneous part of the potential
Generalized Drinfel'd-Sokolov hierarchies, quantum rings, and W-gravity
Abstract We investigate the algebraic structure of integrable hierarchies that, we propose, underlie models of W-gravity coupled to matter. More precisely, we concentrate on the dispersionless limit


Topological-anti-topological fusion
Abstract We study some non-perturbative aspects of N = 2 supersymmetric quantum field theories (both superconformal and massive deformations thereof). We show that the metric for the supersymmetric
Setting fusion rings in topological Landau-Ginzburg
Abstract The Labdau-Ginzburg parameter space for A, D and E topological twisted N = 2 models is surveyed. A point is found, where the amplitudes posses a higher symmetry (e.g. both three-point
On holomorphic factorization of WZW and coset models
It is shown how coupling to gauge fields can be used to explain the basic facts concerning holomorphic factorization of the WZW model of two dimensional conformal field theory, which previously have
Fusion rings and geometry
The algebraic structure of fusion rings in rational conformal field theories is analyzed in detail in this paper. A formalism which closely parallels classical tools in the study of the cohomology of
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