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Further on the Aharonov – Bohm Green function : the coincidence limit

  title={Further on the Aharonov – Bohm Green function : the coincidence limit},
  author={J. S. Dowker},
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Remarks on the Aharonov-Bohm Green function

Some elementary algebraic points regarding the Green function for a localised flux tube are developed. A calculation of the effective action density is included.

On the bulk block expansion for a monodromy defect

For a free–field flat monodromy defect, a formula for the finite part of the correlator is obtained as a double power series in (1 − x ) and (1 − x ) where x and x are lightcone coordinates. It takes

On the Green function for an Aharonov-Bohm flux tube

An earlier contour expression for the Green function of a free complex scalar field in the presence of a conical singularity with localised magnetic flux is shown to yield expressions for the field

Quantum field theory on a cone

The expressions derived by Sommerfeld (1897) and Carslaw (1919) for the Green functions and diffusion kernels in a wedge of arbitrary angle are shown to be useful in discussions of the Feynman Green

Casimir effect around a cone.

  • Dowker
  • Physics
    Physical review. D, Particles and fields
  • 1987
The vacuum average of the energy density of a free, massless scalar field around a conical flux-tube singularity in d+1 space-time dimensions is calculated. A complex contour method is employed and