Further monogeneans from Iranian freshwater fishes.

  title={Further monogeneans from Iranian freshwater fishes.},
  author={K{\'a}lm{\'a}n Moln{\'a}r and Behnaz Jalali},
  journal={Acta veterinaria Hungarica},
  volume={40 1-2},
Thirteen Dactylogyrus, 1 Dogelius and 1 Tetraonchus species are first recorded on Iranian fishes. Of them, twelve Dactylogyrus species and Tetraonchus monenteron are identified with known species. Dogelius persicus sp. n. from Barbus sharpeyi, Barbus grypus and Carassobarbus luteus, as well as Dactylogyrus holciki from Chalcalburnus mossulensis and C. chalcoides are described as new species. Besides the first record of the above monogeneans, new host records are given to some known species.