Further manipulation by centric misdivision of the 1RS.1BL translocation in wheat

  title={Further manipulation by centric misdivision of the 1RS.1BL translocation in wheat},
  author={Adam J Lukaszewski},
Complete chromosomes 1R and 1B were reconstructed in wheat from the centric wheat-rye translocation 1RS.1BL. Three substitutions: 1R(1A), 1R(1B), 1R(1D), and three new centric translocations: 1RS.1AL, 1RS.1BL, 1RS.1DL were produced from the reconstructed chromosome 1R. Each one of these has the same rye chromosome arm 1RS which was present in the original translocation 1RS.1BL of ‘Kavkaz’ wheat. Reconstructed chromosome 1B and a normal chromosome 1R were used to produce a new 1RS.1BL… CONTINUE READING


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